Orders of Service

Copies of the text of our Orders of Service at RMC

particularly helpful if you are not able to attend our church building to share with us. 

[Click on ♦ to see the sermon Word Cloud - where greater prominence is given to words that appear more frequently in the text!]

28th June - Sunday Worship ~ Lying to the Holy Spirit   

23rd June - Tuesday Evening Prayers   

21st June - Fathers' Day Service ~ Confident Discipleship   

16th June - Tuesday Evening Prayers   

14th June - Sunday Parade Service ~ What makes people join the church?     

9th June - Tuesday Evening Prayers   

7th June - Trinity Sunday Worship ~ What's the point of the doctrine of the Trinity?   

2nd June - Tuesday Evening Prayers   

31st May - Pentecost Sunday Worship ~ Be FIlled with the Spirit   

26th May - Tuesday Evening Prayers

24th May - Sunday Worship ~ Journey to Pentecost 3   

21st May - Ascension Day

19th May - Tuesday Evening Prayers

17th May - Sunday Parade Service ~Journeying to Pentecost 2   

12th May - Tuesday Evening Prayers

10th May - Sunday Parade Service ~Journeying to Pentecost 1   

5th May - Tuesday Evening Prayers

3rd May - Sunday Worship ~ Encountering God's Spirit of Love   

28th April - Tuesday Evening Prayers

26th April - Sunday Worship ~ Did not our Hearts burn within us?   

21st April - Tuesday Evening Prayers

19th April - Sunday Worship ~ My Lord and My God!   

14th April - Tuesday Evening Prayers

12th April - Easter Sunday - Holy Communion    

9th April - Maundy Thursday

5th April - Palm Sunday ~ When everything changes, God does not