Las Posadas


Las Posadas is the Spanish for lodging, and follows a tradition in Mexico dating back over 400 years where Mary and Joseph are hosted in a home on their way to Bethlehem.

See Youtube clip and Wikipedia.

In Rayleigh Mary and Joseph visited a number of families between early December and Christmas Eve.

These are comments from some of the families:

“Mary and Joseph have not been any trouble; but we wonder how we would have reacted if real homeless people had asked to stay with us.”“It was a pleasure having Mary & Joseph and made us appreciate the long journey they had to make to Bethlehem.”

“We were pleased to offer a place of shelter to Mary and Joseph on one of the coldest nights of the year.  Although Mary stayed in, Joseph was taken to a football game.  Would Joseph have been willing to leave Mary with strangers all those years ago?”


“It was lovely having them for the evening. Before they continued on their journey, they were entertained by the cubs at the Christmas Party.”

“Mary & Joseph spent the evening at the Wesley Guild, hearing about UNICEF. Then they came home and spent a peaceful night. It made us realise how fortune we are in a lovely, warm home: not so for Mary & Joseph all those years ago.”

“Mary and Joseph spent a comfortable and peaceful night with us, even having their picture taken! On Saturday they attended the Coffee Morning, enjoying Margaret’s scones! However, how would I react if this was for real? What would I say to this unmarried couple, expecting a baby, and knocking on my door at Christmas Eve?  Ring bells, ring,ring,ring! Sing choirs, sing,sing,sing! When he comes, when he comes, who will make him welcome?”

“Mary and Joseph rested quietly overnight. My two boys were pleased to see them on their long journey, no questions asked, just acceptance. Hope they enjoy the carol service, giving thanks and blessings for safe arrival of the Christ child.”

“Mary and Joseph came home with me after a lovely traditional carols & readings service at Rayleigh Methodist Church. Did their presence give me the best night’s sleep I have had for weeks? I think they did!”

“Mary & Joseph spent a peaceful night watching over our little granddaughter. No ‘stable bare’ for them last night!”  ‘Glory to God in the highest.’”

“It’s a pleasure having Mary and Joseph round for a sleepover. We played with them to keep them happy. They haven’t been any trouble: and thank you.”

“Mary and Joseph came to see us as they passed through on their way to our church. We hope they’ve had a lovely trip, may their new baby, Jesus, always find room in our church and in our hearts.”