Las Posedas


Las Posadas is the Spanish for lodging, and follows a tradition in Mexico dating back over 400 years where Mary and Joseph are hosted in a home on their way to Bethlehem.

See Youtube clip and Wikipedia.

We are inviting folk to host Mary & Joseph for a night, between 10th and 24th December. You will receive Mary & Joseph on the evening to lodge in your house. When the previous hosts bring them, please invite them in for a cup of tea/coffee cake/mince pie. Maybe sing a carol together, and say the prayer on the sheet.

When Mary and Joseph are in your care, you are invited to reflect with them what it means to wait for God to come to you and our world. You may wish to record some thoughts or a drawing in the book that comes in the box.

On the next evening, it is then your turn to take Mary and Joseph to the next Inn on the list.

Mary and Joseph will then join us for our services on Christmas Eve. Come and be part of the Christmas story and join your story to theirs.


Blessing as they are being delivered:
As you receive Mary and Joseph into your home, may you know the love, peace and joy of Christ the new born king in your lives, now and always. The blessing of God be with you.  Amen.

Blessing for the family leaving:
As you go on your way, may Jesus, be with you, this Christmas and forever. May you know his joy and his peace.  Amen