What is the gospel? - (in 25 words or less!)

Here are some of our suggestions from Sunday's service on 22nd Sept. for "What is the gospel?" - in 25 words or less. E-mail us your suggestions and we will add them to the list.

  1. Come to church to see what Jesus has done for you. 
  2. Do you know that God loves you?
  3. God loves you and cares for you. Come to church to learn how to communicate with him; how to pray and listen to him.
  4. For God so loved the world that he gave his only son that whosoever believes in him will not perish but have eternal life. John3:16
  5. Your body is the temple of God. Do you like your self/body? If so, how do you show you do? Do you know Jesus?
  6. The life and death and re-birth of my best friend. He, and those words, changed my life – and continue to change it every day.
  7. God loves you not matter what!
  8. The gospel shows us how to live the life that would ensure we love each other and our Father God.
  9. God will support you at times of need, happiness: low and high periods of your life.
  10. Don’t feel alone. Don’t feel lost, or let down. There’s someone who will always be there for you: loving you, no matter what. It’s God!
  11. Hello! Join us. Welcome! God loves all of us.
  12. Should you have a problem, God will listen to you when you pray – any time – any place.
  13. God provides everything that you possess: food, clothes etc., sunshine, friendship. So say thank you to God for the peace you live in.
  14. God is giving his whole world to us, so we may live and love, eat and breath.
  15. God can help you to face life with hope in your future, even though things seem very dark at the time.
  16. If you’d like a cup of tea and a chat, come and join us.
  17. God loves you as you are: no strings attached.
  18. There is a God. He gave his only son who died for YOU. You are just fantastic. #believe it
  19. The mind of God. The state of man. A traveller’s roadmap leading to the way of salvation or, if ignored, the doom of sinners.
  20. A caring and considerate view to yourself and others.
  21. An opportunity to open your mind to beliefs that are non-judgemental, which will hopefully provide you with support, encouragement, compassion, kindness and a contented future.
  22. The bible tells God’s relationship with man and shows his love and guidance in portraying how we should share our love with our brothers everywhere.
  23. Hi! How are you? Do you know where I’ve just been? Do you know why? Why don’t you join us and find out what Jesus’ love can do in your life, or visit the Bar’N’Bus on Thursday evening for a chat and a cup of coffee. You’d be very welcome. (This one cheats- because there are 50 words!)