Holy Week - Churches for Rayleigh

Churches for Rayleigh Daily Meditations

These Holy Week Reflection videos will be published at 10:00 am each morning.

Click on HERE  for access

ALTERNATIVELY - here is the link for each of the individual videos.

Monday - Scott Williamson: https://youtu.be/6tBppC4kvwc

Tuesday - Ricky Rew: https://youtu.be/JmjRGf-uqmI

Wednesday - Naomi Young-Rodas: https://youtu.be/MRjTqz0x4o8

Thursday - David Oxtoby: https://youtu.be/s9aixmEf0lQ

Friday - Father Paul Fox: https://youtu.be/gywQ5taUem0

Saturday - Calvin Samuel: https://youtu.be/RepYS9_K7xQ


Thanks to Rayleigh Baptist Church for kindly hosting this for the Churches for Rayleigh.