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The puppets often perform at Mewssy Church and we always share tea.
We now have a Facebook page called Messy Church at Rayleigh Methodist. You can look at it for up to date information about our activities. If you use Facebook, please like our page and share it with your friends, so that we can let more people share the good news of Jesus - the Messy Church way.

Come along on Sunday at 4:00 p.m. with your children and family and create, chill and chomp with us!


Later Dates



What we'll be doing

 29th March

 Palm Sunday

Hear the story of how Jesus came into Jerusalem, riding on a donkey, and everybody got very excited.

Help make a big picture of what heppened, play 'Pin Jesus on the Donkey' and make some 'donkey pooh' (using chocolate!)

 26th April

 Healing the Blind Man

Come and meet a guide dog puppy and her trainer. What does it feel like to be blind? You could even learn some Braille!

 31st May

 Messy Pentecost  

What is Messy Church
An article: "Messy Church is not a Club" - by Lucy Moore

Messy Church Explanation and Flyer
Messy Church Explanation and Flyer