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Women’s World Day of Prayer 2018 Related image

On Friday 2nd March, in Britain, some 6000 services will be held on the theme ‘All God’s Creation is Very Good’. Christian women in Suriname wrote the service, and it has been translated into a thousand different languages and dialects, to be used in 170 countries throughout the world that day.

Suriname is a beautiful country on the north coast of S. America, with wonderful forests and mountains. There are great rivers with impressive rapids. The country is rich with flowers and animals, and provides enough food for all. In this service the women of Suriname urge us to cherish God’s exquisite gift of Creation and to commit ourselves to caring for God’s world responsibly, so we may pass it on, unspoiled, to future generations.

As we pray with and for the people of Suriname, we shall be part of a great wave of prayer encircling the globe, starting at sunrise over the island of Samoa and continuing until sunset, 36 hours later, off the coast of American Samoa.

Linda Newman and Dilys Hand are the Methodist representatives for Rayleigh. This year’s service will be hosted by the Christian Growth Centre at the Megacentre, at 1.30pm. We are hoping to be able to arrange a ‘shuttle bus’ from the Methodist Church to the venue, and return.

Although it is called ‘Women’s World Day of Prayer’ there are 2 points to note. First, we do not expect you to pray all day! The prayers for Suriname will be travelling around the world all that day. We only ask you to come for 1 hour, but please stay for refreshments afterwards. Secondly, the service is open to anyone, not just women, although it does concentrate on the lives of women in the chosen country.

Linda and Dilys will be showing a power-point of background information on Suriname at the Women’s Fellowship meeting on Monday 12th February at 2.30pm. Even if you are not a regular at this meeting anyone will be very welcome to attend.