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Marriage Preparation Course

Our Marriage Preparation courses run as and when needed starting at 8pm (Coffee and tea available from 7:45pm). For information on the next course, please speak to the Minister.

The sessions will run in the Welcome area at Rayleigh Methodist Church.

This is an opportunity to meet other couples and help you prepare strong foundations for a lasting marriage.

There are 5 sessions in total.

This course is not mandatory, but experience has shown that in today’s climate, with so much marital breakdown, people are becoming more aware of the need to prepare. So make the best start to your marriage by preparing for it.

One couple who attended a previous course stated “We found that many issues we’d never thought about discussing came up when we did marriage prep. Our relationship has deepened and our expectations of marriage and of each other are even greater and more exciting than they were before. We thoroughly enjoyed the course and gained so much practical advise from it, which we believe we will use for many years to come."

If you are unable to make one of the sessions, we can loan you a copy of the DVD. If you cannot make any of the sessions due to the day or time, please let me know, and we can make alternative arrangements

Sessions are:-

1) Communication

2) Committment

3) Resolving Conflict

4) Keeping Love Alive

5) Shared Goals and Values

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